It’s been a long time in the coming but as of today we are joining the blogging community with our own Academy Technologies blog.

This will be the place where we talk about our solutions, give tips on how to use them, share how customers are using them, etc.

Let’s start with a short background on Academy Technologies.

We’ve been around for 12 years.

Back in January 2001 we started as a support partner for a UK-based company called Clever Business Solutions. We called ourselves Clever Business Link. Clever Business Solutions (UK) sold mainly printer connectivity products into the IBM midrange and mainframe market, but also provided KVM, Environmental Monitoring (via SNMP), and in the end a service where we scanned corporate networks for illicit images.

A couple years into our operation as Clever Business Link, a friend of mine and former co-worker approached me with an opportunity to get into the OMR market into the USA with a new OMR scanner. We ended up private labeling the machine as BubbleScan 101, changed our name to Academy Technologies and our US operation was born.

Things have evolved quite a bit since then.

We still have happy customers using the BubbleScan 101, which was launched some 8 years ago. For a while we also offered the BubbleScan 201, which was a full-sheet, high-speed scanner, and the BubbleScan 301, which at that time was the lowest-cost scanner on the market, targeted at class-room test scoring.

During this time we realized that our specialty and the majority of our customers came to us looking for custom OMR solutions. The OMR hardware was not the right platform to provide that. OMR hardware requires accurately pre-printed forms which had to be produced in large quantities to be affordable. With the same partner who initially introduced us into the OMR market and who supplied us with our BubbleScan 101, we created an OMR software, now called BubbleScan OMR software. By the way, the company I keep referring to is called ZIP-scan and is based in Salt Lake City.

We sold our first license of the BubbleScan OMR software in April of 2011 and have since then moved most of our customers to using this new platform. More on the BubbleScan OMR software in my next blog entry.