We posted a new updated to BubbleScan OMR.

The update makes the start-up process a little more intuitive:

1. Start BubbleScan OMR

2. Open a project (spreadsheet)

*** now nothing happens – giving you time to configure the spreadsheet if necessary ***

3. Click <Start Scanning>.

*** you are now asked if you want to process from a folder (which more an more of our customers are doing) or if you want to scan (which includes monitoring the folder you are scanning into) ***

4. Specify the folder you are monitoring and/or scanning into

5. BubbleScan OMR is now actively monitoring they selected folder and if you selected to scan as well, you are now asked to scan the OMR forms.


The BubbleScan OMR software is now posted on our web site: http://bubblescan.com/misc


BubbleScan OMR processes scanned tif images of OMR forms (aka ‘scantrons’) and drops the read data directly into a customized Excel spreadsheet. We provide custom OMR scanning solutions for college prep tests such as SAT, ACT, PSAT and SAT Subject tests as well as many other applications including event scoring and conference evaluations.