Students and parents can now view scores of practice SAT and ACT exams online.

The release of BubbleScan OST (Online Score Tracker) complements our existing scoring solution for practice SAT and ACT exams. With our current solution, college prep companies and tutors save a lot of time grading. Practice exams are administered using our our downloadable practice exam answer sheets, scanned using a standard document scanner (Xerox, Epson, Kodak,…),processed with our BubbleScan OMR software (Windows) ¬†and graded with our SAT or ACT scoring spreadsheet (Excel 2010 or newer) .

Now, at the click of a button, student reports can be exported from the Excel spreadsheet and imported into a company’s hosted OST account.

Students can then log in to view their test scores and reports. Instructors can log in to view all students’ scores.

BubbleScan Online Score Tracker is our new platform for storing and sharing test scores. We are currently working on enhancing the ability to keep internal notes for each student/account (seen only by staff) as well as the ability to share more information with the students and parents.

We greatly appreciate your valuable feedback and continuing support.

BubbleScan Online Score Tracker is available on a subscription basis for $200/year for up to 100 active student accounts and $2/yr/student after that. It requires the latest SAT and ACT scoring spreadsheets.