We’ve just updated our SAT and ACT reports.

We’ve changed the layout to be more eye-catching (and to simply look better) and eliminated raw score references. The reports can easily be customized with your own logo.
(although we quite like the BubbleScan logo 🙂 )

Have a look at these sample PDFs:

Sample ACT report

Sample SAT report

These reports are part of the BubbleScan OMR SAT/ACT scoring solution, which consists of

  • Printable SAT or ACT score sheets
  • BubbleScan OMR Software
  • SAT or ACT scoring spreadsheet (Excel 2010 or newer)
  • (optional) BubbleScan Online Score Tracker

Customers can still use the old reports. This functionality has not changed.

To print the new reports, select the ‘New ACT Report” or ‘New SAT Report’ tab at the bottom of the screen and then proceed to print and/or export all or one particular report, the same as with the current reports.

New ACT Report tab





The new SAT/ACT spreadsheets are available at not charge to current SAT/ACT customers.

Please contact Joerg Weser to receive a free copy.


For more information about our SAT/ACT scoring solution, visit