You’ve spent a lot of time and effort to create your web site and would like to keep your students in your ‘familiar territory’ for as long as possible.

We understand. For that reason we have introduced a few additional ways for your students to link to their Online Score Tracker account (short ‘OST’) .

Your students can now link to OST in three ways.

1. Through our standard, generic url:

This url will require the student to enter a custom company prefix along with their student ID and password.

2. Through a custom account-specific url, which you can embed in your site.

The custom acount-specific url includes the company prefix, making it just a little easier for your students to log into their OST account.

3. Through a ‘remote login panel’ embedded in your site.

Every account manager can download from the Tools menu of their OST admin panel a ‘remote login script’. Once pasted into your web site, you can have students log into OST directly from your web site.

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The Online Score Tracker is a hosted web service that allows tutoring companies to share scores of practice ACT and SAT exams with students. It is used in conjunction with our BubbleScan OMR scoring solution for practice SAT/ACT exams.