Launching ONLINE GRADING as part of our Online Score Tracker (short ‘OST’) was a major mile stone on our road to becoming the preferred solutions partner for SAT and ACT tutoring companies.

It is now much easier to grade practice SAT and ACT exams.

Our updated SAT and ACT scoring solution still requires customers to run our BubbleScan OMR software to process scanned test forms. But they no longer have to maintain one or multiple scoring spreadsheets with different external answer key files. Instead a much simpler Excel spreadsheet is now used to capture and review the student responses. At the click of a button (embedded in the Excel spreadsheet) the student responses are then uploaded to the Online Score Tracker where there are automatically graded and reports posted to individual student accounts.

As part of this update we also introduced new ACT and SAT forms. They now include a bubble-in section for Essay scores as  well as a Test ID that will be used to grade the student responses against the correct answer key.

We created a brand-new section on our Academy Technologies web site, dedicated to the updated solution, including an informative video that shows nicely how the new system works.