Impress your students – and even more importantly their parents – with our new SAT report.

The reports give a detailed breakdown of a student’s current scores and responses.

They also include scores from up to four previous tests. This allows a student to quickly see their progress.

The optional second page shows the performance by category. Each question can be associated with a category. Each category belongs to a category group and each category group belongs to a section type.

Click here to view a full, sample 2-page report.

The report colors and of course the logo can be set through the admin panel.  The above sample uses the default colors.

By default the report uses the logo specified for the Web panel. You should however take the time to upload a logo just for the report as the report can handle much wider logos (e.g. possibly a tag line to go along with your logo as in the sample above).

To customize the report (or the Web panel), select Tools in the Menu bar  and choose ‘Customize’.

Customize Menu Option







What’s next?

In December we should be able to launch an updated ACT report and custom ACT categories as part of our standard Online Score Tracker offering.

In December we also plan to offer updated answer keys with category mapping for the 10 SAT practice exams from ‘the blue book’. This will mean you can provide students with the optional 2nd page report without coming up with your own categories and making those assignments. This will be a chargeable feature.

We are still working on WebOMR, which is the ability to simply upload PDF files to our web service for OMR processing – completely Excel-less.