BubbleScan OMR Software (Windows)

If you own one of our discontinued OMR scanners, this is NOT the right software for you. Click here if you own the BubbleScan 101 (discontinued 2009).

Download the current version of the BubbleScan OMR Software (.exe)

Without a license code, the software will shut down after 5 pages are processed.
See the information below for what to do to request a license code. Click here for additional instructions on operating the BubbleScan OMR software.
BubbleScan OMR is Windows software. It will not run on a MAC or Chromebook.

After you have downloaded and installed the BubbleScan OMR software,  start it.

It will come up in DEMO mode.

To obtain a license code – click on REGISTER in the menu bar.

Copy the Machine ID displayed in the title bar of the pop up and email it to us. If you are in a hurry, you can also call us during regular business hours.

We will then generate a license code and send it back so you can enter it in the box on the same screen.