When your students access their Online Score Tracker (short ‘OST’) account, they can do so in three ways.You can try all three ways – using the following credentials:

Account Prefix: sampleprep

Username: 10012

Password: student




[one_half padding=”10px 0 0 0″]OST Login[/one_half]
Everyone can always access OST through our generic login page at http://bubblescan.net.The student (or instructor or admin) will need to know the account prefix, which is assigned to your account when you sign up. In this example it is ‘sampleprep’. The student’s user name is his/her numeric student ID.

The logo on this page cannot be customized.



[one_half padding=”10px 0 0 0″]OST Login custom url[/one_half]
[one_half_last]It becomes easier for the student if you embed a custom link on your web site which already includes the account prefix. In our example the custom url is “http://bubblescan.net/login/userlogin/sampleprep”

There is no logo on this login page.



Embedded login panel on your site:
[one_half padding=”10px 0 0 0″]

It becomes even simpler for your students if you embed the login panel on a web page on your site.

Yes, the login panel to the left is ‘LIVE’, not just an image. Go ahead and enter the username ‘10012’ and password ‘student’ to enter the Online Score Tracker demo account.

As an Online Score Tracker ADMIN you can copy a simple custom login script from your OST Admin panel and paste it into your website. That is exactly what we did here. Our site is built on WordPress. We copied the script from the OST Admin panel into the header file and then we embedded the simple instruction < div id=”ostlogin” >< /div >to the left of this text.