Easily add ACT keys with the new WIZARD

Online Score Tracker is a great platform for grading practice ACT tests.

We recently introduced a new way to quickly add ACT keys so you can grade any practice test you want to administer to your students. Here is how it works.

1. Navigate to the KEYS menu, then select ACT, then click the ADD button.

2. Choose USE WIZARD

3. Online Score Tracker will now step you through all the fields you need to enter. When entering answer keys and later scales, Online Score Tracker will only allow valid entries and will automatically advance the cursor to the next field. These time saving functions greatly simplify the admittedly somewhat tedious process.

4. When you’ve entered all the responses for a section you are asked if you want to enter them again to identify possible entry errors. This is optional. If you trust you entered things correctly the first time, then just skip this step.

5. If your key has responses mapped to ACT categories, you can easily enter those by entering just the first letter of the category, or, even easier, by entering the numbers. I personally like having my fingers on the number keypad.

6. When you get to the scales, the published answer key often contains a range, like “73-75” to get a perfect 36 score in English. Just enter the lower value listed. Notice how Online Score Tracker immediately advances the cursor to the next field when you’ve entered two digits. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it “AI”, but it’s pretty cool how it also auto-advances the cursor when you enter a single digit like “9” for lower scaled scores.

Why are we not just providing you with answer keys? When it comes to practice ACT exams, Online Score Tracker is a DIY-grading platform. This allows us to continue to offer our services to you while complying with ACT’s written request to respect their copyrights.