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Grading Paper and Pencil Practice Tests – Electronically

How do Online Answer Sheets Work?2023-07-31T17:57:10+00:00

We like to think of our Online Answer Sheets as an electronic version of our paper & pencil solution.

You provide a student the practice test (printed or via PDF), and the student enters their responses into an Online Answer Sheet through their personal OnlineScoreTracker student portal. As the administrator, you have complete control over what tests the student can take, whether the test is timed, including timed breaks, by section, or not at all, if the student should see their score report immediately after submission or until you release it through your admin panel, and if the student can retake the test.

Many customers use the Online Answer Sheet function as a way to administer practice tests remotely or for homework assignments.

Watch this short introductory video to see how to assign Online Tests using our Online Answer Sheets.

What Tests Are Supported through Online Answer Sheets?2023-07-18T18:58:58+00:00

Online Answer Sheets are available for the following types:

Remember: We don't supply the tests, we just grade them.
  • ACT
  • SAT
  • PSAT
  • AP
  • SSAT
  • ISEE
  • HSPT
  • LSAT

For each of these test types we can grade a number of popular, publicly available practice tests, including retired tests, official practice tests, and tests from readily available test prep books from various vendors. If you want to grade a different test, you can easily add the key yourself, or simply contact us with the details and we’ll add it for you.

In addition, we also support a ‘generic’ test type using a form with 100 multiple-choice questions and 5 GRID-responses.

If you have additional requirements, please let us know. We gladly provide you a quote for adding a custom test type to our system.

What Reports Are Available?2023-07-18T18:41:32+00:00

We provide two types of student reports for paper and pencil tests and test graded from our Online Answer Sheets: BASIC and DETAILED.

A BASIC report is available for all graded tests.

A DETAILED report adds a Test Question Analysis to the BASIC report. It requires that every question be mapped to a custom category. We have created a custom category list for ACT and SAT/PSAT and mapped several tests to those categories.  As a user of our system you are welcome to create your own list of custom categories and use them to map answer keys.

Click here to view samples of our Test Question Analysis for ACT.

Click here to view samples of our Test Question Analysis for SAT.

Below are examples of the  reports we provide. Click on any of the images to view the expanded sample.

report samples

ACT (2018)

ACT (2017)

SAT (2018)

SAT (2017)


How Much Does It Cost?2023-09-08T17:52:01+00:00

To grade scanned paper and pencil tests or student responses submitted through one of our Online Answer Sheets , we charge 1 credit per test, with a maximum of 2 credits per student per month.

1 credit = 1 test

2 credits = UNLIMITED grading for 1 student for 1 month

A month starts from the day that you grade the first test for your student (e.g. begin: Jan 13th, end: Feb 12th). When you grade the first test, we will charge 1 credit. When you grade a second test for that student in that month we will charge a 2nd credit. Grading any additional tests (via scanned paper and pencil or Online Answer Sheets) for that student for that month will not incur any additional charges.

Credits are purchased through your Online Score Tracker account. For current pricing, check our pricing page.

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