We’ve updated our Digital SAT #5. This is also a trial run of the “update” process we intend to follow when we update all of our tests this summer. If you have any feedback on how to improve the process, please let us know. Also, if you have feedback on any of our tests, please let us know so that we can incorporate your suggestions into the updates.

In your OnlineScoreTracker account you will now see entries for the existing Digital SAT – Practice Test #5 and a new entry for Digital SAT – Practice Test #5.01.

For added emphasis we have added three asterisks to the name temporarily.

Please use the new test 5.01 from now on. If you have students who have started #5, please have them finish their test within the week. We plan to remove #5 on March 18.

Any student reports for test #5 will remain available. After March 18, students simply won’t be able to take test #5 any more. It will disappear from their TAKE A TEST menu in their student portal.

Non-adaptive versions of test #5.01 (for use in class environments) are also available immediately.

The reason for the update is that some of you have kindly pointed out a few issues that required us to change two questions. One question required the use of a logarithm and that is not something College Board tests on a SAT. The other question asked for the value of the product xy of a quadratic equation. While it was possible to calculate xy, the quadratic equation itself didn’t have a valid answer due to a negative value in the radiant (SQRT (b^2-4ac)).