Many of our customers tutor small classes of students. Administering an adaptive test complicates the review. We have a few options to address this issue:

1. Administer a digital (online) NON-ADAPTIVE practice test

2. Administer a non-digital (=paper) NON-ADAPTIVE practice test

Digital, Non-Adaptive Tests

You can give your students the digital experience of completing a practice SAT in a Bluebook-like environment, while ensuring that everyone takes the same test.

We created two non-adaptive versions of each of our six practice digital SAT and our practice digital PSAT. The A version includes the easier second modules and the B version includes the harder second modules. The scales have been adjusted accordingly.

The non-adaptive digital SAT tests are assigned to a student or class the same way the adaptive digital SAT tests are. The student has the same experience, the only difference is that the second module isn’t based on the student’s performance, but on your assignment.

Non-Digital, Non-Adaptive Tests

The College Board and several other test makers have published printed digital SAT practice tests. These are by their very printed nature, non-adaptive. OnlineScoreTracker supports the four 2022 Non-Adaptive (Linear) Digital SAT practice tests via paper & pencil as well as through our Online Answer Sheet function in the student’s portal. You can download these four practice tests from here:

OnlineScoreTracker supports other printed tests, like the ones in The Official Digital SAT Study Guide, via Online Answer Sheets. Students will enter their responses through their student portal. The placement of the fields for the Student-Produced math questions follows the underlying answer key.