Recently, College Board released new practice tests. Two of them are available as “Full-length Linear (Nonadaptive) SAT Practice Test 5” and “Full-length Linear (Nonadaptive) SAT Practice Test 6”. You can download them from College Board’s website here:

If you want to use these two paper tests (or any of the other four) with your students, you can now grade them through Online Score Tracker.

Before you use them you need to activate these keys in your account. Go to KEYS – (Non-) Digital SAT, then select the two new keys and choose “Activate” from the ACTION drop down box.

Now, they are ready to be used.

As with other non-digital tests, you can pre-print bubble sheets by selecting one or more students and then choosing “Print Bubble Sheets”.

Or you can assign these tests as “Online Tests” to a class or individual students

and students then complete an Online Answer Sheet through their student portal.