Several of our customers are utilizing printed “digital” SAT tests and we are happy to support that. Currently, College Board provides two sets of four non-adaptive, digital SAT practice tests.

Full-Length Linear SAT Practice Tests (Nonadaptive)

The first set of non-adaptive, digital SAT practice tests was published in 2022 before College Board announced the Bluebook app. College Board refers to them as “Full-Length Linear SAT Practice Tests (Nonadaptive)”. Here is the link for the free download:

Because of their popularity among our customers we created bubble sheets for these four tests:
click here for a PDF of the full form.

This means, OnlineScoreTracker offers you three ways to grade the “Full-Length Linear SAT Practice Tests (Nonadaptive)”:

  1. by uploading scanned bubble sheets,
  2. by assigning them as Online Tests and letting students submit their responses through the Online Answer Sheet in their individual student portal, or
  3. by entering the student responses manually.

When we introduced manual data entry as a function to OnlineScoreTracker, we thought if more as a backup in case everything else fails. But for individual tests, this is actually quite a fast way to capture student answers and some of our customers prefer it to processing individual scanned tests.

The Official Digital SAT Study Guide

The second set of printed, non-adaptive, digital SAT practice tests come from College Board’s book “The Official Digital SAT Study Guide”. College Board encourages users of the book to take these tests through the free Bluebook app. That of course, makes a lot of sense, since it gives the student a realistic testing experience. However, if your situation requires or benefits from students not using the Bluebook, OnlineScoreTracker can grade these four practice tests. You can assign these tests to your students as Online Tests and students can then enter their responses through Online Answer Sheets in their individual student portals or you can manually enter their responses.

Currently, we do not offer a bubble sheet, but if you are interested, please contact us and let us know.

If you want to grade any of these tests, make sure the corresponding keys are ACTIVE in your account. Go to KEYS – Non-Digital SAT, select the key(s) you want to activate and then choose ACTIVATE from the ACTION drop-down button at the top.