We are delighted to announce the arrival of our previously announced updated Digital SAT Student Reports.

Upon clicking a student’s Digital SAT Test score, you will be greeted with a dynamic and informative summary page. This summary offers a detailed breakdown of test results and a graphic score history.

The Summary Page will be complete when we add the following functions:

  • Your Best Performance: This will list the skill(s) a student has excellent in.
  • Your Best Opportunity to Improve: This will display the easy questions a student has missed.

Both of these are dependent on reports we are currently working, the Difficulty Analysis and the Skills Analysis.

Question Analysis

Here are the key updates:

  • More Data: We have expanded the data available, providing valuable information such as skill type, difficulty level, time spent, and other pertinent insights. This data equips you to tailor your support to each student’s unique needs more effectively.

As always, we appreciate your input in continually improving our Digital Testing platform.